Add button to scroll streams in either direction

It would be nice to be able to move an entire stream at a time to the left or right when looking at the stream of photos.

I think this is a great suggestion, but scrolling the streams seems like a pretty low priority right now in PS’s early development. I don’t want to vote this feature up above, say, improved navigation or tag editing, but I’ll vote this one up when some of the other features I did vote on have been completed (I think you get your votes back when an option you voted on has been completed).

Yeah: as soon as the topic is “closed”, the votes are returned to the voters.

When you say “move”, do you mean scroll the thumbnails (to see more from that stream)?

Yes, that’s what I mean: scroll the thumbnails in the stream(s) left or right.

Another thing I’ve noticed with streams - it’s showing random pictures from the time period or whatever, which I think is great. Brings back memories…

But If I open one to see it in more detail, at that point forward/back buttons tracks the timeline of that picture, not the stream of random pictures.

This comes up because I often see multiple random that I want to check out. I have found the browser back button let’s me hop back and find the next one in random series, but thought I would mention it.

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Ah, very good point! I agree, it’s irritating.

This is fixed by Tag-context browsing

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This feels like a natural usability direction for me. I would expect to see photos taken previously to the left and after to the right with horizontal scrolling of thumbnails.