Videos not showing up

I have been running photostructure for the last couple of months.
Recently I have noticed that the videos are not showing up the app.
I can see that the videos are synced and added to the photostructure library.

I have both vlc player and mmpeg installed in my pc ( xps 15 - 9500 running windows 10 20H2

Hmm, that’s no good!

  1. What version of VLC are you using?

  2. What does the “video support” line on your About page say?

1- 3.0.11
2- FFmpeg

Hmm. If both ffmpeg and vlc are installed, PhotoStructure will use ffmpeg.

I’ve had issues with the nightly build not always accepting the arguments that PhotoStructure uses to extract frames and transcode videos.

What happens when you try this on the command line?

ffmpeg -loglevel error -i C:\path\to\video.avi -vframes 1 -f singlejpeg -y C:\temp\test.jpg

How I’d debug this on my own machine is to run photostructure sync-file --debug C:\path\to\video.avi (this requires PhotoStructure for Node to be installed: if you’re running an ffmpeg nightly, this should be totally doable!). More details about this tooling is here: PhotoStructure | PhotoStructure Tools

If you don’t want to install anything, set your environment variable PS_LOG_LEVEL=debug, restart PhotoStructure, add a directory with some videos to your scan path (via the Settings page), run sync, and then email me the resulting logs.

@mrm, just sent you a mail with the log.

I must add that video files that were synced last month are showing up. Just the videos from the recent syncs are not showing up in the app, even though they are scanned and added to the ps library.
(These video files are also correctly located in the appropriately dated folder )

Just one more thing. In the ps app it would nice to make out which one a photo and which is video.
Currently looking at the icon, I cannot say if one is a photo or video.
May be adding an overlay with a play :arrow_forward: icon over the videos can help.

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Got it: I’ll take a look.

Agreed! You should vote for this:

I see a bunch of files that are being removed because they were deleted. It looks like the minVideoDurationFilter setting is rejecting a bunch of videos as well.

This value defaults to 2 seconds, as ffmpeg and vlc can have a hard time trying to transcode videos that are shorter than that.

Other than that, I see videos (like …163723_87_video.mp4) being processed successfully. Can you see http://localhost:1787/asset/37843 ?