What are the .tmp*** folders?

I scanned a hdd today and added to the photostructure library.
Files were copied over but there were a bunch of .tmp** folders created in the root of the ps library.
What are these folders ?

Happy New year!

Those .tmp folders are created, along with an example image copied into it, to verify that the library directory is writeable.

Several platforms (looking at you, macOS) will report that a directory is writeable when it actually isn’t.

I moved this topic to be a “bug” because these should really only be done once at startup, and properly cleaned up afterwards. The next version will clean up these .tmp dirs automatically and also only write-test on startup to verify permissions are reasonable.


Fyi: I am running windows 10.
Good to know that it is and identified issue and fix is on the way.

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I have a bunch of .tmp-*** folders while running 1.0.0-beta.2 on Windows 10.

Are those directories all recent, or are they leftovers from a prior version?

They are dated 5/6/21.

I’m guessing I was running beta.1 at that time because beta.2 hadn’t come out yet.

The health check process in -beta.3 will remove any old .tmp-* directories left from prior versions.

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