What should I name my import folder within docker?

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I wanna try the PhotoStructure software on my NAS. For this case I use Docker. Ive installed the container successfully, but I dont understand how I can add other folders or drives to PhotoStructure? I wanna use the Docker UI to add any folders.

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You need to “bind mount” the directories you want to import into your PhotoStructure container. See Use bind mounts | Docker Documentation

Every NAS has a different UI for doing this task, and there are a ton of different docker UIs you can use (like Portainer, for example), so I can’t give you specific instructions, unfortunately.

The PhotoStructure docker instructions are here: PhotoStructure | PhotoStructure for Docker

thank you for your fast answer.

Yeah, Ive read the instructions. But if I wanna bind directory, I need a „mount path“. And I dont know what the mount path is. Here a picture:

Ah! This can be (almost) any path you want! Perhaps /resilio, or /photos, or /import ? Just don’t put it in /etc, /dev, /run, /private, /#snapshot, /snap, or in a nomedia directory, and you should be fine.

PhotoStructure should find the directory automatically (if you use “automatic” for this setting card):

If you pick “manual”, you’ll want to add /resilio (or whatever directory you pick) to this list manually.

One more thing: if you mount the directory read-only, realize PhotoStructure won’t be able to rotate your assets on that drive, nor manage those files metadata (like adding a rating for “fave”). You should add a .uuid file to the root directory of the volume, as well, to ensure the contents are portable. Read more about volumes here.

One more thing: if you change your url from “…/settings” or “…/welcome” to “/about”, you’ll get a bunch of diagnostics, including a list of volumes. If a volume doesn’t show up in that table, something’s amiss.

Here’s an example with some SMB mounts: