When is the next REAL supported PROD PS Windows release?

I really like what PS can offer to photo consolidation and presentation. My issue is that I am not using a NAS, Linux, or Docker Container just the PS on Windows 11. I subscribed to PS for years and I see lots of changes on all the other platforms, yet little to nothing on Windows.

I want to rotate photos in PS day one. Still waiting for that to work.

I am coming up on another subscription renewal time and keep waiting for more from PS.

Is PS just focusing on non-windows users? I would like to invest my time, money, and effort in software that grows in directions I want to grow.

Please let me know what the plans and dates you have for Windows. Thanks

There were some major problems with both Windows and Mac that @mrm is currently working through, and getting those versions stable is his current focus.

As far as why the other versions seem to get more attention, it’s more just that linux installs (including Linux desktop, Server edition, Node, and Docker) are all pretty much the same, meaning there isn’t much additional development work to prepare those releases. Meanwhile, Windows and Mac have major hoops that those operating systems force developers to jump through.

I know this isn’t a very satisfying answer to your question, and unfortunately only @mrm can address your question about the subscription. He’s attending to some personal matters recently, but I am certain he will reply when he’s able!

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Howdy @SamuelT2 , thanks again for your patronage!

I’ve been doing all my development on my windows laptop for the last month, banging out both server and desktop bugs I’ve found on Windows 11. The desktop build required a large refactor to a new packaging and upgrade system, as the prior system v1.0 was based on was abandoned.

The next build is purely to add desktop builds for Windows and macOS, as well as only address issues that prevent it from being promoted to be the “stable” release.