When lots of files are moved on disk, can I make sync faster by telling photostructure what happened?

When auto organization is off, and many of the files on disk are moved, can I make sync faster?

For example, when files are moved from Foo/Camera/202302/* to Foo/Camera/, can I make sync faster?

If I do the move/rename when photostructure is running, I notice there will be many non-zero-size .trashed-* files in the original directory. Should I shutdown photostructure before doing massive renames?

Howdy! Welcome to PhotoStructure!

I made the simplifying assumption (which you’ve certainly proven isn’t always a valid assumption!) that during the course of syncing a given directory hierarchy, that no large changes are taking place.

By making this assumption, PhotoStructure can heavily cache directory structures, file system metadata, image prerenders, and EXIF metadata during the course of a sync.

If you know you’re going to make a bunch of directory or file renames, shut down PhotoStructure first, then make your changes, then restart PhotoStructure. The next sync run will figure out what changed and set things right.