"When" showing incorrect number

Expected Behavior

I have over 2500 photos in May, 2018. I would expect that number to be shown as the number of assets on the main screen when I select 2018 → May.

Current Behavior

The system shows “90 assets” (those words) even though the number of thumbnails shown is far more than 90. I’ve spot-checked a number of other year/months and most numbers are way higher. I caught this one because 90 was unusually low for that year for any month.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open Photostructure
  2. Click on “When” then scroll and click on “2018” then scroll to “May”


Operating system and version:
Windows 10 Pro (10.0.19043) on x64
Version 21H1
OS Build 19043.1348
PhotoStructure edition:

Version 1.1.0

Thanks for the report!

v1.1 was too conservative with determining when it needed to recount of tag assets.

The next release will schedule tag recounts whenever an asset is added or updated, either by sync, or by clicking “archive”, “remove”, or “delete” from within the UI, so hopefully this will be addressed when you upgrade. I hope to have a new v2.1 alpha release in a day or two, and final release within the week (but it’s a biggie, so the alpha/beta period may be longer).

If there are assets in the library that are not available during a sync (for example, imported from a USB drive that isn’t mounted), will the tag assets be recounted? Forgive me if I don’t understand the inner details of this processing!

Any assets from prior syncs that aren’t deleted should be retained in your library database, and be counted towards a tag.

A file is “deleted” if the file doesn’t exist, but a parent file (that isn’t a mount point) does exist.

I’m always happy to explain anything!