When users exist...assigning tags to users

So many of us don’t want to be on Facebook. We don’t want to share our photos through Google. We just want control over our media.

When a user (assuming that feature were to exist) logs in (i.e. a family member), as the admin, I want to be able to give access to specific photos to that user based upon the tags on the photo.

Let’s say I have photos of my family, but I also have photos of my family with other family and friends in them. These would be photos of that family that they might not know even exist.

If I tag that photo with the topics, people, context that matters, when that person is invited to view “their media”, they would be able to see all of the photos that are associated to them by tag…

So…Joe, who joined us for dinner in Paris in 2004, could be given access to that/those photos because they’re tagged with his name. Or, I could add “paris” & “joe” as tags to his user account to give him access to all photos that contain both, or each, or a combination of options.

Imagine logging in to your friend’s site to find 50 photos of you that you never knew existed.