Where can I view picture properties / edit keywords?

Hi, I just discovered Photostructure and think it’s just what I was looking for.

I had a simple beginner’s question - is there a way to view all keywords associated with an asset and/or edit them? Also, is there a way to view the asset properties, e.g., the GPS coordinates of a picture from a cell phone.



Keywords will show up in the asset info panel (if they don’t, tell me!). Here’s where PhotoStructure looks for them:

Keyword editing is coming soon (it’s not yet in the next version, but it may in the following release).

GPS lat/lon is actually already extracted, but I haven’t added the frontend for it yet. I also want to add reverse geocoding as a tag (so for a location, tag where/$country/$state/$city).


Thanks for the speed reply - looking forward to seeing this in a future release!

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Make sure you vote for that feature!
You can vote here: Support for manually editing tags