Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF)

So, I’ve been playing and using a good while… hadn’t really made it available to the wife because of some of the pre-1.0 bugs and things.

Then just kindof hadn’t… still a couple of things I thought might be an issue (the biggest is the switch when you dig down in Folder view and open a picture you are now in “When” view and not still in the Folder).

Anyhow, had need of letting an (upset about other family events) wife look at some of our photos… just popped her over to the web page.

She’s been having a great time digging through old pictures of our son and other family folks… I hear various happy “oh, look when he was just learning to walk” kind of things.

Asked her what she thought of the software - was there any big issues… “no, it’s fine!”

So… you have hit WAF level 1, anyhow :slight_smile:

Good job!

Right: I just passed by that code today and almost made that change “while I was in there…” It’s definitely on my radar. Edit: here’s the feature request (be sure to vote for it!)

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Oh please… if there’s something I can reassign all my votes to, I will :slight_smile:

(for me, forget the wife factor :-))

me too, though pretty sure i already have…

Oh yeah the WAF is also very high in our family. Previously I used piwigo for the past 4 years but was never very happy with the speed and the UI. My wife was getting used to the structure and how to use it but after I discovered PS things changed!
Currently we have a rather small DB with around 70’000 pictures of our children aged 3 and 5. So there is still some potential of some more pictures during the coming years :wink:
PS handles them really well, fast UI and after it has produced all thumbnails its a joy to search through all tags and narrow a picture down.

I’ve now re tagged all pictures with digikam (took some hours /days) to meet the “standard” for easy searching, it was totally worth the time. And with the next release of PS a few features get added that help even more digging through the DB and finding some nice pictures.

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