Windows 10 desktop search fails

The search feature generally works but for a few searches always fail. There would be thousands of results and this may be the issue.

What do I need to do to get the search to work?

Thanks for reporting! I’m not aware of any defects in search results.

The list tool supports --query, which runs the same code that the webserver runs in order to get search results.

The only difference is that list fetches all results and streams them to stdout in one go. The webserver returns the result in paged batches.

If you want me to help debug whats going on, I’d need a copy of your library database (no files) and the query you were running, along with what results you were expecting. You can ping me on chat here or on Discord if you have time to solve this synchronously.

I couldn’t reply earlier; probably too late now!! I will try tomorrow.