Won't start, says index is corrupt

As in screenshot below:

error: bad signature 0x00000000
fatal: index file corrupt

Sorry for the hassle!

I don’t believe PhotoStructure will emit those errors–it’s from git complaining when the start script does a git pull, and there’s corruption found in the indexes stored in .git.

I’d try

  1. reinstalling git (there was a pretty serious security issue they fixed last month),
  2. git clone-ing into a new directory, and
  3. restarting from there.


It’d be great to get an update if it either works or doesn’t!

Update 1: I’d be a bit concerned about what caused this issue in the first place, though. Either some other software mucked with this directory, or your C:\ drive is unhealthy. I’d run a S.M.A.R.T. health check on it–first a short self-diagnostic, and if that passes, a long self-diagnostic. Perhaps try CrystalDiskInfo (but always use virustotal before installing!)

Update 2: OMG I forgot to include installation of Git for Windows in my PhotoStructure-for-node instructions. Adding them now.

Thanks for the pointer, I hadn’t thought about Git!
I ran:

del .git\index
git fetch

And then was able to start PS all good.

Had a bad Windows Update that meant Windows was freezing around the login screen, which is also around when PS starts as a service, and I guess it got sad that I had to force power-off a few times while troubleshooting.

Ah, that would do it!

Make sure you run chkdsk!

Also it wouldn’t start silently using the sh script after fixing Git, I had to manually install yarn for npm, because otherwise the service got stuck at a Y/N prompt:

Good point, I’ll add that as a step in the installation instructions now.