Alpha is crashing occasionally

I’m on Docker, Photostructure v1.0.0-alpha.1

I’ve noticed a few times now that Photostructure is crashing. There is nothing in the Docker log when this happens. I can start the container back up and everything seems fine. It has happened when I’ve been browsing photos in Photostructure, but other times I haven’t been doing anything and only notice when I try to pull up Photostructure. Since there is nothing in the Docker log, I can’t tell when it’s happening.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot this?

You’re not the only one, sorry!

The best way to troubleshoot is to set logging to info or debug and send me the logs when it crashes.

The .alpha.1 build was created with esbuild, instead of webpack. The webpack build uses old (and possibly more reliable) commonjs modules, but takes ~90 seconds to build. The esbuild bundle requires new es6 module support, but only takes ~1 second (!!!) to build, which is wonderful for me during development, but it seems like node isn’t that happy to run esm, and Electron support isn’t ready (and may never be?).

The alpha.2 build switches back to webpack.

There were a lot of changes from v0.9.1 to v1.0.0, though, so there are certainly other issues at play as well.

git diff --shortstat 'v0.9.1'...'v1.0.0-alpha.1'
 3497 files changed, 200526 insertions(+), 10334 deletions(-)

(this includes a bunch of noise from yarn.lock files and a migration to git lfs, but still, it’s a lot)

alpha.6 (Node on Ubuntu 20) crashed for me last night. I set log level to debug this morning and will monitor PS for next day or two. If it crashes again I’ll send you the logs.


I had the same problem today. Silently exited after same hours of indexing.

Is this with desktop, node, or docker?

With docker on a synology NAS.

@mrm Mine crashed as well after few hours of running. Sent link to logs via email.


Docker and crashing after a few hours here. Tried to send recent logs but got a popup saying “Sorry, failed to send logs.”

@Const’s logs are indeed crashing during the bounce service. I’ll try to fix this properly, but for alpha.7, which I just released, I just changed the default to disable child service bouncing.

Bouncing? Wat?

Due to kernel and node instability in macOS, I had to make PhotoStructure force-restart child services (like web and sync) periodically. This is controlled with the PS_BOUNCE_MINUTES setting.

Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be necessary on linux boxen, so I’ve disabled the bounce service on docker for the alpha.7 build.

I’ll still try to reproduce the underlying issue though: it’d be convenient to have a “bounce” action from the nav menu, especially if there are newly-resolved remote filesystem issues or other reasons that can gunk up standard filesystem ops.

Sorry about that: if the docker container has shut down, you’d see this error.

I’m on Windows but alpha.6 was crashing silently without any notifications

Thanks for that heads-up, I’ll try to reproduce on my windows box now.