Can I control when sync runs?

Is there a way to adjust when/how often PhotoStructure syncs? Right now I have my iPhone backing up nightly at 2 AM. It would be handy if those photos were accessible inside of PhotoStructure that morning without having to run a manual sync.

PhotoStructure runs sync every 24 hours, based on when it was started. This period is controlled by the syncIntervalHours library setting.

If you’d rather PhotoStructure run at a specific time, and you’re comfortable with the terminal, set syncIntervalHours to 0, and run this command to kick off a sync:

curl -X POST -d 'forceRestartSync=true' http://localhost:1787/api/system

This will work on all editions of PhotoStructure.

(In the future, when sharing ships, this endpoint will protected, requiring a “library owner token” associated to the request, but it’ll just be another -d argument, and I’ll update this post to reflect that)