Does PhotoStructure stay in sync with filesystem changes?

After your initial import completes, PhotoStructure re-scans for changes every day.

If you’d like this to be more or less frequent, change the syncIntervalHours library setting.


I’ve not specifically set any environment variables or messed with either settings.toml file.

However, my PhotoStructure docker install has not been auto-updating since my original setup. I had to run a ‘Restart Sync’ in the Web UI for it to pull in photos added since mid-Jan (when I first installed it). Where would I look to figure out what is going on?

That’s no good: sorry it’s not working correctly! I’ll take another look at the scheduling code and make sure it looks right. I’ll change this to a “bug” until things are working on your end (but it may take a new version to fix this).

You can either run sync by hand with debugging enabled, or set PS_LOG_LEVEL=info in your container and look at the -sync- logs with logcat. The class in charge of that is SyncPaths (so that’s something to grep for).

Thanks for reporting this: I found the issue, and the bugfix will be in beta.4.