Change zoom panning from mouse-move to click-and-drag


I want to be able to click on the zoom% number and type in the exact percentage of zoom I want. If I “tap Z to toggle” it bounces between a fit-to-screen size, and 75%. Currently the only way I can find to zoom 100% is to carefully, methodically, surgically drag the zoom slider to 100%.

Additional zoom problem: once you are zoomed in on a picture, the image bounces wildly around the screen depending on where you move your mouse. Ideally when zoomed in, the image would remain still until you click+drag to where you are interested in seeing.

The zoom level can be changed by holding down shift and spinning the mouse wheel. Tapping + and - also work.

I’ll try out your panning idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I poked at this yesterday night, and remembered why I made it on mouse-move, rather than mouse-drag: I kept clicking on navigation icons when click-drag-panning…

What I just realized was that I could make the click target for the next and previous shrink when in zoom mode hide the next/prev buttons, though…

This feature request currently has zero votes, though; I’m just adding this note to remind myself in the future.

I would vote for this feature, but I’m out of votes and don’t think I can buy votes yet. :grinning:

(alpha testers of v1.0.0 can subscribe to plus, but I’ll try to get v1.0 out asap!)

I want to be cute and say that shrinking the navigation clickable areas would help with this problem, but really wouldn’t it make more sense to inactivate the navigation clickable areas when zooming a photo? Does anyone ever want to click to next/previous photos while zoomed in? and if you do, where should the next/prevous image be zoomed to? The same x,y coordinates as the current zoom-center-point? What if you’re looking at a portrait pic and the next is landscape and doesn’t have those coords? Or what if zooming on some coords on pic a is interesting but the same coords in pic B is nothing but blue sky?

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Good point, I edited my comment. What do you all prefer?

  • current mode: move the mouse to pan
  • click-and-drag the mouse to pan

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