✅ Copy path button/link

For OS’s/situations where the link to the original won’t work (i.e. I’m on a NAS and using the web access), being able to easily copy the entire path to the asset would be handy. You can (with some work), select the text and copy, but then the formatting is off (you get escaped slashes, etc.)

Wonder about getting some kind of “copy link” function that gives you the path in (hopefully os neutral - that’s probably hard) format.

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I’d vote for this, but I ran out of votes :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is doable: I can certainly replace the path separators with whatever OS the browser seems to be running, but that path won’t probably exist…

That said, this was a one-liner: it’ll be in the next build.


(and yeah, I know the clipboard is the icon for content_paste, not content_copy, but this icon doesn’t say “copy” to me:


Hmm, maybe reverse the arrow in

that makes


Meh, not sold. Maybe with the arrow going into the middle of the clipboard?



I know it’s probably not a perfect path, but often (at least for me) it’s really easy to “modify” to match (i.e. I NFS/SMB mount my main picture share to my Mac, so I can just add a “/Volumes” at the start and it’s pretty much right.

Thanks for the addition, will be a big help for me :slight_smile: