Crash during initial processing

I am running PhotoStructure on a mac (Sonoma 14.3.1). During initial processing (building previews) PhotoStructure estimated it would take 4 days to process the photo directory, which is located on a NAS drive. Closing the laptop lid (which paused processing) was handled without any issue as long as the NAS drive was available when processing resumed. Problems started when processing resumed and the laptop did NOT have access to the NAS drive: PhotoStructure crashed, and on restart it reported the library was locked and quit. The only way to resolve this was to reboot my laptop (which removed the stale locks). This allowed the app to run, but it then reported a protection issue with my desktop, which has not been resolved, and continued to run. The app then restarted initial processing, probably due to a corrupted library, which is now resuming. New estimate for initial processing: 2 days. I will give an update if/when initial processing completes. In short: resilience to intermittent loss of access to photo library during initial processing.

I can’t help with Mac issues, but have you considered running Photostructure on your NAS instead of your laptop? A lot of NAS solutions allow you to run Docker containers, and the Docker version of Photostructure (along with the Node version) has been the most reliable flavor of Photostructure.

Just something to consider!

I’m sure @mrm will comment on your issue soon!

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @tgraf !

Be sure to use PhotoStructure for Node on macOS, and use the beta branch – the v2024.3.3 build has a ton of bug fixes (especially since v1.1), including several architectural changes to make sync and library recovery (much) more robust.

If anything goes awry, please post here or hop into the discord, I’m online every day.

If using the node edition isn’t to your liking, know that I’m actively trying to get the desktop edition updated asap.