Deleted files not purging from the database

I had a bunch of screenshots in my library and I wanted to delete them in bulk. Since only the screenshots are PNGs, I deleted them from the disk and my understanding is they would be removed on the next sync.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening. My sync is running fine and new assets are being added, but the deleted files aren’t being removed. Any thoughts?

Running 2.1.0-alpha.7 in Docker. Aside from this, everything is rock solid and no issues.

Are you using auto-organization? If so, you need to delete the screenshots from the auto-organzied folders as well as the original source location.

It’s not. I have it manually managed because I drop the files from another system and just let the scanning / de-duping do it’s job.

The files are definitely gone though. If I try and download the pictures that should be deleted I get an error, but the previews are still there.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but have you tried closing the Photostructure front-end and then re-loading it?

@Forcetrainer thanks for taking the time to report this issue!

I suspect the issue may be in the sync directory post-processor. It looks for AssetFiles in the database that are descendants of the currently synced folder, yet weren’t touched by the last directory iteration, and removes the AssetFiles that are confirmed to be deleted.

As @tkohhh mentioned, know that Assets aren’t removed from your database unless all AssetFile variations have been confirmed as deleted, so any copies in your library must also be deleted, and if any previously-but-not-currently-mounted volumes also contained these same file SHAs, those references will keep the asset from being deleted as well.

To help me reproduce this issue locally: were the files removed from a PS_LIBRARY_DIR subdirectory, or some other bind mount?


I’m running docker, and I deleted the file from the host OS bind point and not within the docker instance. Is it possible that because the previews weren’t deleted they’re being seen as a copy of the picture?

I’ve only ever used the one mount point and it hasn’t changed. Is there anything I can try to see if it clears things out?

Also, when I look at one of the images in PS and I know it’s been deleted, if I hit the info button I do get this error: