Moving/Changing Library structure, how to deal with assets?

Hello! I found similar topic Deleted files not purging from the database without an answer.

I have all my photos from /Photos binding, all photos were managed by PhotoStructure and PhotoPrism without any issues. Now I ditch PhotoPrism for Immich and the only way it could happen photos should be copied to new place, I binded it as /Memories, I also changed PhotoStructure now imports photos from 2 places, photos are same in both places.

I could not find the answer how to get rid of /Photos now, should I delete files inside the folder and leave .uuid, or maybe remove /Photos binding from settings, leaving only /Memories? I do not really want to recreate database, as tags and faces will not be there, new library do not stores google json files, which has faces tags. Help :smiling_face_with_tear:

If the pictures are the same in both directories, then you should keep whichever one has the tags and remove the bind mount for the other directory. This shouldn’t impact your Photostructure database at all because the assets are duplicates. You can also remove it from the settings just to clean things up, but I don’t think it matters.

I got it. You can not remove old red pathes if the photo is still there in some good path. If the photo has only red pathes and is not in scan path it will be removed. Well. I understand the idea now, I guess it is actually good approach.