Deleting / hiding photos

As long as there is an asset file variant, the asset won’t be removed. You can see where PhotoStructure thinks all the variants are by opening the asset info panel (tap “i” or click the i in the upper right).

Yup! You’ll need to delete both files. Total PITA, I know. Supporting hide/delete (this feature) will be the next thing I build.

It’s certainly a feature that’s not implemented yet. Until it’s implemented, I guess it’s an opportunity for education?

Anyway, I’ll get this built as soon as I ship v1.0.0, which should be tomorrow.

I have the same issue as @bartv, I have a lot of screenshots I don’t want to clutter up my photographs.

I set PS_REQUIRE_MAKE_MODEL=true a few days ago, and when I resync individual screenshots, they disappear from PhotoStructure, as you said. But do I have to resync each image individually?

I still see loads of screenshots in the general views of PhotoStructure (for example among the thumbnails in the main view of the application).

Is it just a matter of waiting for PhotoStructure to get through all my images again? I have tried restarting sync a couple of times. I’m not sure if there are fewer screenshots than before, but they are definitely not gone completely.

Ah, I see. Well, there are several solutions:

  1. PhotoStructure will automatically re-sync assets that are visited with the asset info panel open. (No, this isn’t documented or even discoverable: it was an experiment to help me debug locally, and I don’t think it’s generally a great idea (?), but at least for the time being, this is how PhotoStructure works).

  2. Run a “library rebuild”: it’s already in the product, and it’s easy for you to start (via the nav menu), but it’ll take a while and do a bunch of work that isn’t necessary.

  3. You can run a sync --force manually via the command line for the affected directories. Know that you can give sync as many files and directories on the command line as you need, and they don’t need to be directories currently in your “scan paths”. The --force tells sync and sync-file to disable the “no-op” filter that skips over files are “already in sync” (if their mtime and size match what’s in the database), and actually re-import the files.

./photostructure sync --force /path/to/dir1 /path/to/dir2 ...
  1. In the future, PhotoStructure should somehow remember what settings were configured at some point in time, and if the settings change, prompt the user

You’ve changed settings since your last sync. Would you like to rebuild your library to make the new settings take effect? This may take a while.

[ OK ]   [ cancel ]

This would cover the use case of people upgrading to PLUS from LITE, as well as changes like setting requireMakeModel.


Found this chain looking for existing “hiding” feature requests… looks like the discussion pretty rapidly moved toward how to delete, but I would like to resurface the “hidden” flag concept.

I think there are two levels to this, probably… one is the “user access”, lock pictures behind a password, they are absolutely not to be seen except by approved users.

But then there is a lesser level. Some pictures I may want to keep, but they just aren’t very flattering, or the content is just a little offputting (I have a picture of a friend who had suffered an injury and sent me a picture - I want to keep it, but I don’t really want it popping up in the random display list).

Not sure it’s high up the priority list, but thought I would toss it out there as another use case to mull over.