Deleting / hiding photos

I want to be able to remove the blurry/ugly photos from my photostructure so that it becomes nicely curated over time.

Seconded. Especially with the deduplication logic, I’d like to be able to verify the duplicates in a side-by-side and then delete the “other” one (even better would be how Xcode handles deletion: Just the Reference or Move to Trash/Delete File).

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I agree! I’ve wanted to add this feature for a while, but customer support and other bugfixes/more pressing features (like browse-by-filesystem) kept pushing this down the list.

My current thinking is that there should definitely be “exclude from library” (Xcode’s “just the reference”), and this is actually already implemented for images subsequently found in NoMedia directories.

Marking assets as “hidden” would require a new “only show hidden” assets view, which I’m currently thinking will just be a tagged search result (/search?q=hidden:true), as would “excluded” assets.

You can do this by clicking the paths in the asset info panel, which will replace the currently-displayed variant with the file you just clicked on.

Here’s a reddit discussion about deleting photos from a while back:

I took your advice and just let Photostructure scan all disks on my system for photos. I never realized just how many .JPG files exist that are NOT my photographs! I, too, would like to be able to delete pictures from the Photostructure library, “curating over time,” as another poster put it.

What’s the best advice for attacking the glut?

You might want to enable the filter that requires a Make and Model tag: that will let PhotoStructure omit all screenshots and downsamples (which commonly have removed EXIF metadata).

There are many other similar filters as well. They’re all library settings:

With the next version, you’ll be able to bulk-exclude by folder hierarchy, too.

I found the setting, but now that the “damage” is done, i.e., a bunch of unwanted jpg files have already been processed, what do I do to remove them, short of starting over from scratch? Thanks.

These files should be removed from your library automatically by running “sync” (via the navigation menu). If you were using “automatic organization”, through, they will remain in your library hierarchy: there isn’t an automatic way to delete them (although you can certainly get this list via the list tool):

I think keeping “automatic organization” on is a no-brainer. Otherwise, if I mounted a SD card with photos, PS processed them, and then I removed it… the next sync would remove those photos UNLESS “automatic organization” was on. Do I have that correctly? If “automatic organization” is on, once a photo is in the library, it STAYS there.

Yes, PhotoStructure won’t delete files out of your library if other variants are missing or deleted.

PhotoStructure, in general, tries to very conservative:

Once the feature that this topic is tracking, “delete,” is implemented, PhotoStructure will move files that you request into the trash.

Do you mean that if I set a filter and run a sync, it’ll remove items that get filtered out? If I’m using “automatic organization” and later change the filtering settings, will a sync then bring those files back?

While setting up PhotoStructure, I accidentally synced thousands of screenshots into my library, and now I want to remove all of them.

Yes. If you enable the require make and model setting, for example, if you just visit a screenshot, say “resync this asset,” and then navigate away, you’ll find that asset is no longer there.

I’ve updated the “info” tool in v1.0.0 to pull in the system and library settings so you can edit filters and verify, onsoe-twosie, what files will be added or excluded, but I’m sure there’s a nicer UX to handle this.

I was going to add a “recently added”, “recently updated,” and perhaps for library owners, a “recently deleted” view (just using the new search view), but this won’t include all assets that were recently filtered out: there’s no “asset” to show in many cases, so all I have to show are pathnames (which I currently don’t retain in the library database). Ideas around this are certainly welcome.

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As a new user, I’m a bit confused by this conversation - right now I have imported my library and would like to clean it up (it contains lots of screenshots etc that I don’t need). Am I understanding correctly that there is currently no way to delete/hide such photos from PhotoStructure?

Yup, you’re not confused.

I’m building this feature now and it’ll be in the next version, though.

If you find that an entire directory should not have been imported, you can use NoMedia, but v0.9.1 doesn’t have a UI affordance to hide or delete individual photos.