Display and Filter and Search Location fields (Country / State / City / Location)

Note: this is separate from the request for a map view (which is also a good idea!)

So not every photo I take has GPS coordinates, but to every photo I always add “location” details in lightroom - Country / State / City / Location. I’d love to be able to filter by this data - if I’m looking to browse a set of photos (show me everything I’ve taken in Japan over the years) it’s a lot easier than using coordinates - I can easily drill down to the required level of detail. Ideally it would work in search too (“What was that picture I took of Alice in Japan?” => Where:Japan, Who:Alice … etc.)

I also use the “location” field to name certain landmarks (names of temples in Japan, for example) so displaying this data in the info box would be immediately useful too.

Obviously there are more things that can be done in this area -the map view, reverse GPS lookup, tagging from GPX files, etc., but I’m creating this topic to show that just adding the metadata fields and allowing filtering would already bring benefits, the rest can come later :slight_smile:

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Nice idea, and this should be fairly trivial to add a tagger for this.

Can you email me some example files that have these tags? support@photostructure.com


Done, thanks!

(For anyone else reading this, location fields seem to be a bit more complicated than I first thought, if anyone else is interested and uses a program other than lightroom to populate these fields it might be nice to compare if they are exactly the same…)

Also: there are several pending geo-related feature requests: 🌍 Support reverse-geocoding, to automatically tag assets with location names is the main one.