Filters are not kept/tag context is lost in the asset view

I have a pretty annoying problem:

Let’s say I want to view all photos made with the A7 IV.
I select Cameras → A7 IV
now the “grid” view shows the photos made with this camera.
If I click on a single photo → the “single photo view” no longer carries the camera filter, it switches to “when” filter.

Here is an unlisted YouTube video of the problem: Photostructure category bug in different views - YouTube

Also there should be a way to get back to “grid view” from “single view” - for example implement a button or remap the back function - it would be great.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve seen the youtube example you shared: you can delete it now.

Apologies: this is a known bug. It bothers me too, and messes up search result navigation as well.

As soon as the first v2.1 alpha is out, this is on the top of my todo list.