First startup error "Failed to scan system volumes.undefined"

Expected Behavior

First startup after installation.

Current Behavior

First I had a blank window with the text “Internal Server Error”.

On reinstall I had the setup screen. I chose a small folder with just a handful of photos to scan manually, set the library location in a subfolder of my user, and clicked ok.


Operating system and version: Mac OS X Catalina
PhotoStructure for Desktop 0.9.1

I also have the following happening in System>Privacy>Files and Folders. It doesn’t let me check all the boxes.

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 2.56.54 PM

Thanks for taking the time to report this! Sorry that PhotoStructure is misbehaving for you.

I believe I’ve addressed this in v1.0.0, but it’s not released as a stable build yet. Can you try an alpha build of v1.0.0?

If you still see this error on v1.0.0-alpha.7, can you DM me the result of running diskutil info -all and df -k -P on a terminal?

If you see anything you’d rather not share in that output, feel free to replace the text with XXX.