How do I see which pictures were skipped during an import

I just installed PhotoStructure on a Mac and I am testing it on a sample of my library. What I noticed right away is that not all the pictures are imported. How do I find out which pictures were skipped? I cannot trust a tool that will not tell me that crucial information.


Howdy, and welcome to PhotoStructure, @madmari !

I agree: visibility into this needs to be improved.

Here’s some detail around PhotoStructure’s import filters:

And the feature request to improve sync visibility:

The biggest issue I’ve got here is with scale: I’ve got several drives with 100K+ images, and scrolling through, for example, a CSV that had a filename and what happened columns, with that many rows is difficult (unless I use command-line tools like less + grep).

Suggestions (here or in the other feature request) are welcome!

Matthew, Thanks for a quick response. The links that you provided are helpful. I know a little about command line and I am trying to replicate what you suggested. I was able to get a listing of files from the source directory into a txt file but OSX Terminal does not like your list command. Doing more research - but if anyone here knows how to implement this command in OSX Terminal, I would be grateful:

./photostructure list | grep -E "^/opt/Photos/" | sort > ~/imported.txt

This comes from the following article:

What’s the error from your shell?

Matthew - here is the error:
zsh: command not found: list

Ah, are you using the desktop edition, or the Node edition?

The list tool requires the Node edition. Instructions are here:

More tools information is here:

Ahh - makes sense. However, I am running it on an M1 Macbook Air and it says that the Node edition is not supported on that. I have a Synology so I guess I can try that. It seemed a bit complicated to do that so I started with the desktop.

Ah, apologies: I need to update those docs: prior versions of Node required full recompilation, but Node 16 should work fine: I have an m1 mini that I run tests on, and the full test suite (almost 10k tests!) passes on that box.

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Do I remove the Desktop version first before installing the Node? Anything else that I need to do?

Nope, and you can use the info and list tool while desktop is running.

The only caveat is that the server and desktop can’t run simultaneously, but they’ll complain with an error message if you try to do that.

When I started using PhotoStructure I also noticed some assets were not imported. I dug a bit and found out the missing ones were either too small in terms of file sizes, image dimensions or were videos larger than 500MB. All these settings can be changed. Maybe check these before you start dealing with PhotoStructure tools, especially if you are running Mac OS desktop version and need Node version to compliment it.


Thanks @Const I think that one of the images that did not get imported was actually small.
I however, need to prove to myself that this works.