Implement a map view

I have many pictures with geotags embedded in their exif data (either from a google takeout or lightroom).
I would love to be able to see the pictures on a map and be able to zoom in on a location and see all pictures taken there.

A secondary feature would be to further limit the search by range of time, camera, lens, etc.

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Welcome to PhotoStructure, @RH08483 !

Absolutely, I’d love that too. I’m also wanting to add reverse geocoding to the tags associated to assets, as well.

Do you mean having a full-screen map view that has a search bar (and only shows results of the search on the map?) That’d be super handy!

It’d also be a pretty hefty query (the fulltext search index and kdtree can’t be indexed together, I don’t think, so the result might take a while to compute… I’ll think about how to make it performant.)

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Don’t know if it would help the query, but doing a “limited result” return if you have the map zoomed out (so that you only return a high level result) and do a more in-depth search if you are zoomed into a smaller area.

Probably depends on indexes, still…

But I see that these would involve some hefty queries but if we approach it step-by-step we might see some shortcuts :slight_smile: