Improve Zoom UX on touchscreen devices

Improve UI behavior when zooming on touchscreen devices.

On current version, when zooming on a photo on a touchscreen, the whole UI gets bigger and moves around the screen, leaving the user under the impression that the zoom isn’t working as intended.

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Welcome to PhotoStructure, @fl4shback !

Pinch-to-zoom should work on an iPad Pro on Safari. PhotoStructure will automatically replace the preview image with the full-size original image as you zoom in, so it shouldn’t be blurry (or at least more blurry than the original image)

The zoom widget in the header hides itself on browsers that have touchscreens (with the hope that people will be more used to pinch-zoom gestures on those devices).

If this isn’t what you’re seeing, holler: I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple did some shenanigans with Safari user agents on iPad Pros.

Thanks for the welcome !

Pinch to zoom works but I don’t think it loads the bigger asset, I’d have to check this with Dev Console on my mac probably.

I’m under the impression that it zooms all the page and not only the picture. (next arrows getting bigger, top bar too, the whole UI, really)

I think I remember apple saying that iPad Pros have “desktop class browsing” which probably means it uses desktop User agents.

My bad, it actually works, I was under the impression it wasn’t because of the UI getting bigger too.

Thanks for the updates!

YEAH, that bit is definitely janky. I should be able to hook into pinch gesture events and handle zoom just like I do with shift-mousewheel: so the image would zoom, but the top bar would stay where it is. I’ll change this to a feature request to improve zoom UX.


You’re welcome!

I edited my original message to better reflect the change to a feature request.

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I’m a new user of PS and would also like to request a swipe action be added to change to the next picture. I have a daughter with special needs who loves PS…the random presentation is perfect for her. It would, however, be helpful to be able to swipe to the next picture (in addition to using the arrow).

Thanks for your feedback: I feel that’s missing too. Please vote for Swipe navigation on touchscreens!

Sorry it looks like I missed the existing feature request… voted