Swipe navigation on touchscreens

Not sure if you’d consider this a bug or a feature request… ~=On mobile, to go to the next photo by swiping the screen, I need to swipe from the very edge of the screen. This is tricky on my Samsung Galaxy S10 as the screen is curved along the edges and I have a case on the phone.

PhotoStructure should go to the next photo when I swipe left on any part of the photo (not just from the very edge), and similarly it should go to the previous photo when I swipe right on any part of the photo.

Swipe navigation actually isn’t implemented yet, but several others have asked for this. I wonder if you’re actually performing a swipe-to-go-back gesture?

Interestingly, tap-to-navigate on mobile is now is almost as prevalent as swipe-to-navigate, but ideally both would be supported.

I’ll make this a feature request. :+1:

Haha, you’re completely right! My mistake. I didn’t realise Android Chrome did that as I’ve never tried swiping on a webpage before.