Next Asset Button feature and Mobile Ability expanded

So I am using beta.14 Docker on my server and while the annoying crashing from beta.13 is gone thank you. I have noticed things that I like but need to be expanded on.

the biggest and most annoying thing is using photostructure on Mobile. This is annoying since I use this for mobile.

  • There is no features that allows touch screen gestures for instance sliding left or right to go left or right in the asset chain.

  • Another huge problem is when trying to get it to go into fullscreen it thinks I’m trying to hit the next button when in reality I want fullscreen.

  • Another thing that does drive me nuts across all platforms is when you hit back it takes you back to the last asset you were looking at instead of taking you back to say that folder or wherever you first clicked that asset.

  • Now the part that I have seen and even responded to is the asset sliding itself. I click a photo(asset) in a folder and if I click next or back I get taken by the time taken not the folder now this being said I have noticed there is now a folder hierarchy in play where it shows it as “date taken”, “image type”, and “Folder” however it defaults to time taken. It would be awesome to have a setting that allows you to choose which one to default to so if you want it to default to “Folder”, “Image Type”, and “date taken” instead you can choose that order. So if you are not looking in a folder it will then go next and back by image type instead etc. I think this is the 1 big push PhotoStructure lacks is the next and back by folder properly as no other platform does this in the Docker world while some like Plex or JellyFin come close this is there pitfall and because they are more a movie/video/streaming platform they really don’t care. This advertises as a photo/video gallery meaning we should expect to see gallery like things and you are doing an amazing job at getting there

As always this is Pickle and I am happy with the product but I wanted to push my suggestions and ideas and overall feelings of this platform to try and make it the best Platform in the world.

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Please vote for Swipe navigation on touchscreens

Please vote for UI Button for Fullscreen

The back button is literally just the back button. If you tap esc (only on desktops, of course), at least you can pop up to the current month, but that loses context.

There was discussion about what to do for this on Improve back button navigation and Tag-context browsing

Agreed, this (like all the things you’ve brought up) has to get fixed, but it’ll be after 1.0 ships. Please vote for this: Tag-context browsing

:+1: thanks for taking the time to share!

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