UI Button for Fullscreen

Currently the only way to go Fullscreen in PhotoStructure is to press F11.
It would be nice to have a fullscreen button on the toolbar, or the usual ‘double click to fullscreen’ gesture, for completeness sake.

Thanks for this, I couldn’t figure out how to get fullscreen.

Incidentally, the F11 key on my laptop enables airplane mode. So my first attempt at fullscreen killed the remote desktop session I was using to view PhotoStructure. Live and learn! An easier method to go fullscreen would be the cat’s pajamas.

Probably for your laptop it’s Fn + F11

You are correct sir.

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This is implemented in v2.0.0-alpha.1 :tada:

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Talking of which… As the list keeps growing, it seems it’s high time to release it :slight_smile:

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