Keyword parsing from an external DAM

From More settings to control imported keywords - #15 by FooderZ

And then details via email:

My related problem is that I can’t quite seem to get photostructure to recognize my “Last Name; First Name” convention when clicking on the keywords filter.

You can tell PhotoStructure to parse Last Name; First Name as a hierarchical keyword if you add a semicolon to the keywordPathSeparators setting (which currently defaults to the characters /|>⊃) and remove it from the keywordDelimiters setting (which currently defaults to ;,).

If you’re comfortable with the command line, you can see how settings will work by using the info tool and see what it does with the resulting tags:

mrm@nuc:~/photostructure-for-servers$ node_modules/ \
  -Subject="Einstein;Albert" /tmp/test.heic

    1 image files updated

mrm@nuc:~/photostructure-for-servers$ libraryPath=/tmp \
  keywordDelimiters="," keywordPathSeparators=";/|" \
  ./photostructure info /tmp/test.heic --filter tags`
    "nativePath": "/tmp/test.heic",
    "tags": [
      ["Camera", "Apple", "iPhone 11 Pro"],
      ["Lens", "Apple", "iPhone 11 Pro back triple camera 4.25mm f/1.8"],
        { "name": "2020", "ordinal": 7980 },
        { "name": "11", "displayName": "Nov", "ordinal": 2 }
      ["Einstein", "Albert"],
      ["Type", "Image", "HEIC"],
      ["fs", "Library"]

@FooderZ also emailed this:

I set keywordTags = [ ..., "dc:subject" ]

The “dc:subject” won’t work: PhotoStructure doesn’t actually internally reference tags via the ExifTool group-prefixed name: it collapses all tags into a single namespace (just for simplicity). This does result in eliding values that come from different tag groups with colliding names, but in practice this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Just adding “Subject” is sufficient to pull the first value from any tag group that uses Subject.

So in thinking about this more, PhotoSupreme writes “keywords” to multiple locations to facilitate multiple metadata schemes. dc:subject seems to be the primary “internal” place for PhotoSupreme’s catalog labels (though I would defer to the author, Hert, for a more correct response). In other words, I’m not certain that the Keyword n notation is all that important to me.

I did set keywordPathSeparators to include semi-colon, but when I click on keywords, my groupings look like “Keywords / John, 20 assets” rather than “Keywords / Smith; John, 20 assets”.

If I go to the top-level category “Who,” I then see a group for Smith; John so I know it’s parsing correctly. I guess I’m just confused why the keywords dont seem to handle the semi-colon correctly.

I also find it odd that the only keywords I have are the first names of people. I tag with events and other things too. Places show up in Where, people show up in Who, but events and other tags do not show up in keywords.

[edit] Wait… if I click on the picture and then open the metadata thing at the bottom, I see event tags… I guess then I’m more confused as to why I can’t access events from the left side popout? It feels like I have to guess where to click to find different keywords? Like there isn’t a unified view… not quite sure how to describe it. But I also have some objects tagged in the specific picture I’m looking at and I dont see anything for those.

You should be able to see all tags from both the side panel (the “asset info” panel) and the bottom scrolling section (the “asset streams”)

If you don’t, that’s a bug: can you send me an example image that’s misbehaving, or a screenshot?