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I’m a non-technical user that’s been following the development of Photostructure since earlier this year. First of all, I’d like to thank you so much for working on this and let you know I was super pumped when I saw that v1.0.0 was released recently.

I’ve installed PS on my system (Photostructure Desktop, Windows 10, v1.0.0) and constructed the library using Photostructure’s automatic organization on my PC to pull all my photos from where they’ve been living on various external HDs.

Question 1: If my understanding is correct - the PS library that was created on my PC now contains copies of every asset I have (minus exact-match duplicates). Is this right?

So now the task I’d like to undertake is curating this new library. The topic of deleting files has been broached in other threads here but they all seem to have either veered in other directions (hiding files, excluding screenshots, etc.) or gotten too technical for me, which is why I’m creating a separate thread again now that v1 is released.

Question 2: Is there a way to delete blurry/unwanted photos from the Photostructure library that doesn’t involve going manually through each folder in File Explorer and deleting the local copies? The goal is, after having gone through the entire library, to make a backup of this curated PS library on an external HD which will in effect replace my old, messy archives. Would this be feasible/recommendable?


question 1: yes

question2: There is currently no way to make any changes besides rotating a picture. The ability to curate (delete pics, edit tags, etc) are all requested enhancements that are in the pipeline.

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @hitmonchancoco !

Yes. Details about “automatic organization” are here:

Not currently, but I’m building that today (yay!): deleting and hiding is the most voted-for feature request.

A bare-bones implementation should be available in a beta in a couple days.

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