Mismatched asset count?

PS 2023.11.0-alpha.1

About PS:


Photo grid:


Is this a possible regression?

Updating and bumping this @mrm

Any way to fix?

If you open the health check page, you can click the “run library maintenance jobs” button to force PhotoStructure to visit all tags and recount assets:


This may take a couple minutes to perform, and then reload the home page.

Note that tag recounting is done automatically by the sync process periodically, so this shouldn’t be necessary.

If you want to gracefully shut down your PhotoStructure container, and then share your /ps/library/.photostructure/models/db.sqlite3 database file with me (you can zip it up and email it to me), I can try to see what’s going on here.

(Note that your library database contains all paths imported into your directory, and all keyword and person names extracted from your library photos and videos–I’ll delete the db after I’m done, but if there’s anything private in there, we can look into a different approach to debugging this)

Sent you the DB file via private message.

I started the maintenance jobs 30 mins ago, but I’m not seeing any change in file counts in the UI