Missing library, but "Pick a new library" doesn't work

With the update to stable, I wanted to start my PS library fresh on my MacBook. So I deleted the previous library from its directory, deleted the PhotoStructure app, installed the newest stable PS version (1.1, I think) and started it up.

Almost immediately it throws this error in a dialog box:

**Your library at /Users/<username>/Pictures/PhotoStructrure Library is missing.**

**You can either:**
**1. Mount or turn on that drive, then click "Try again", or**
**2. Pick a different directory by clicking "Pick a new library", or**
**3. Give up for now by clicking "Quit".**

“Pick a new library” gets the dialog box to briefly disappear, but it’s back within a second, and into a loop where “Try again” doesn’t work (expectedly) and Quit is the only other option.

What’s the situation here?

Dang, sorry for the inconvenience! It seems that something’s borked with the “preflight” checks on macOS.

While I try to reproduce the issue locally, you can “reset” your installation by

  1. Shut down PhotoStructure

  2. opening a terminal

  3. run

    rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/PhotoStructure/settings.toml
  4. restarting the app: it should go right to the welcome screen.

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I experience the same thing (on 2 different Macs).

@joshanno thanks for the report: I’ll reproduce this on my test mac as soon as I can and get it fixed.

Until then, my instructions above your comment should reset things for you. Sorry for the glitch!

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