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I am pretty new with photostructure, but it looks great!
Question: when I am midst in an overview of assets and then decide to view some photos enlarged: how do I navigate back to exact the place where I was in the overview? E.g. I am on the timeline a few years back, inspect some photos in detail and then want be exactly back in the same year/month? Browser-Back doesn’t work (similar question in Improve back button navigation - #7 by mrm but not the exact same use case).

Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to PhotoStructure @williwow !

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You should be able to tap the esc key or click the back button in the current version.

For v2.0 (not yet shipped), I’ve changed how PhotoStructure restores prior scroll position, so if it’s not doing quite what you expect now, hopefully it will be better in the next build (and if it isn’t, tell me!)

(I may not be understanding what you’re talking about, though: if you want to DM or email me a screencap with PhotoStructure misbehaving, that might help clarify what issue you’re describing).

Thanks for the fast anwer! “Scroll position” - that’s what I wanted to say. So looking forward to 2.0 - thanks again

I’m finding that I sometimes start with the random home view (which is a feature I love), then if I click on something, look at the stream, check out a couple of other pictures, I’m left with two options:

  1. click “back” as many times as I navigated through photos, which can be a bit tedious, or
  2. go “home” again, but that generates a new seed and the pictures are different.

Is there a way to “go back to the same thing I started from”?

You should be able to either click the back button in your browser, or the back button in the header, or whack the esc key repeatedly to return to the gallery view with the same random “seed”.

If that doesn’t work, it’s a bug I need to fix!

I actually would like it if the seed was stored in a session cookie, and was used every time you click back to the homepage. You could perhaps add another function somewhere to generate a new seed in your current session.

New sessions would always get a new seed, but within a session you’ve got something more reliable.

Just a thought!

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Thanks @mrm - it’s the repeated clicking of “back” than I’m suggesting we could change.

Without considering UI, a way to get back with one click/key press to either the current seed or a new seed would be nice.