Non-"Photo" Photos

I wasn’t sure if this was a feature or even intended use of the program, but I’ve over time collected a lot of various ‘other’ photos. Wallpapers, art book prints with a digital copy, ridiculous memes, screenshots of my very modded Skyrim, etc. - and a lot of them are mixed in with my existing photos but some are not.

Similar to the option to create baskets or manual photo albums in (I believe) an existing feature request, is it possible now (or even worth considering, based on the product’s core use cases) to also separately view different types of content in separate hierarchical categories separate from ‘Photos / Videos from my life’.

IE: At the highest of levels, could I pull out and separately review/organize/eventually delete non-photo graph photo content in a separate library, still accessible from a single instance of PS? Then swap between libraries via the UI? Or is there a better way of dealing with those types of image files currently besides letting them mix in with my actual photos?