Best way to remove memes and other non-photo images

Hello, I set Photostructure to import my photos folder and my Google Photos backup. I forgot that GPhotos sucked up any memes, screenshots, and other silly images into their backup. Those are now on my computer.

Any advice on removing them from Photostructure? Maybe a search by resolution size?

If I remove them from the GPhotos folder it imported from, will Photostructure remove them from my library on next sync?


Howdy, @chris!

PhotoStructure has several settings that should help to de-meme your library:

  • requireMakeModel: this will skip all images that don’t have a Make and Model tag. Screenshots shouldn’t have these tags. This may omit

  • minImageDimension: you may want to bump the default of 480px up to something like 1200px, depending on how ancient your digital photos are (my first digicam was 2.1MP, 1200x1600).

  • minAssetFileSizeBytes: digicam images tend to not be well compressed. The default of 50kb could probably be bumped up to 200-300kb (again, according to your library contents)

I wrote the requiredMakeModel filter specifically to avoid screenshots/image caches, but I had to make the default be false several versions ago because so many people wanted those files in their library. I’d start with that and see how it goes.

You’ll need to rebuild or force-sync to apply these new settings values.

If you’ve used directory naming conventions, know that the next v2.1 build will add support for excluding stuff like **/dank-meme/: New in v2.1: exclude files with globs

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