PhotoStructure on Raspberry Pi


Can photostructure be installed on an rpi with raspbian pi os with the same ubuntu steps? Also, can photostructure be installed as a container using portainer?

Welcome to PhotoStructure!

It should, but if you try a v1.0.0-alpha build, you’ll need to compile LibRaw tools as well (as ubuntu’s packaged versions are too old/buggy).

Note that ARM support is experimental. This post links to instructions and getting proper docker multi-arch builds (which is on my todo list):

Absolutely, but know that there are currently only x64 docker images.

Thank you. I really would like to use photostructure. I was thinking it would be great to piece together as a google photos alternative. Together with ngynx to serve it out to the internet and an android app like foldersync. I could upload photos to a samba share where photostructure could sort and copy to a gallery. Using ngynx I could access the gallery from the internet. Do you think this is possible?

If you want https access, I’d recommend caddy: it’s super simple to set up. If you have DNS set up for, say,, this is the entire configuration to do a lets-encrypt-powered https reverse-proxy:

I personally use Resilio Sync. More solutions are here:

I don’t have samba in the mix, as PhotoStructure, Resilio Sync, and Caddy all reside on the same box, but PhotoStructure will absolutely work with a library stored on a remote filesystem. Normally PhotoStructure will figure out that the filesystem is remotely mounted, but if it doesn’t, set the forceLocalDbReplica system setting to true.


(Note that secure sharing is a feature that I will build soon, but until then, your reverse proxy can add auth).