Processing less than a minute remain, forever

Expected Behavior

First time user, installed Windows version 1.1.0, and ran full scan (currently in trial)
I have several drives.

I expect it to complete the scan

Current Behavior

Drive C completed fine.
Drive D is currently reported (since yesterday)

Processing, less than a minute remains
Processed 58619 photos, 123 videos. 1 remain to be processed.

It seem to be stuck at that 1 item and not progressing forward,

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install product
  2. Select scan all


Operating system and version: Windows 11

PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Desktop, v 1.1.0

Howdy @novice , welcome to PhotoStructure!

Sorry you have a sync glitch. I wrote a ton of code around trying to avoid exactly this situation:

  1. I have timeouts on all I/O operations and sync-file operations, so if anything gets “stuck”, it gives terminates that process and retries one more time. If that retry fails, it marks the file as “un-importable”.

  2. The work queue is stored in another SQLite db, so if sync crashes or you reboot your computer for any reason, the sync will restart from where it left off (rather than restarting from scratch, which meant I could never finish scanning some of my larger hard drives).

  3. Directory content listings are cached if they take longer than a couple seconds to fetch. This is a workaround for directories from smartphone backups, which commonly don’t use sub-directories, resulting in a single directory with 10k+ files

So. Something is still slipping through the cracks here.

Option A

If you have time and want to help me debug what happened:

  1. Shut down PhotoStructure
  2. Set PS_LOG_LEVEL=info
  3. Restart PhotoStructure, wait a couple minutes for sync to retry that last file
  4. Send me the resulting logs

The instructions for how to do this are here:

Option B

If you just want to scan your other drives, go into your settings page, and instead of using “automatic”, use “manual”, and add the other drive letters (or directories) that you want to import. It’ll look like this:

Thanks for getting back.

I had already done Option B which is currently still scanning.
I would still like to help debug this, would I be able to do so once the manual scanning is completed?


Another issue I’m encountering is that Canon Raw files (.CR2) are not detected / added to the library
Isn’t this supposed to be supported in v 1.1?

Am I missing something?


I expect most (not all) .CR2 files to be importable by PhotoStructure v1.1.

Note that Canon uses .CR2 and .CR3 to represent a couple (!!) of different RAW formats. Version 1.1 of PhotoStructure uses dcraw, which only supports an older .CR2 format variant.

I updated PhotoStructure in version 2.1 and later to use a custom build of LibRaw, which should work for the newer Canon cameras.

If you want to try the alpha build of v2.1, that should resolve the issue.

I’m working through the bugs found in alpha before I release v2.1–please have current backups if you try an alpha (or beta!) build (but really, backups are always a good idea!)

I’m not sure my camera qualifies as newer Canon,
It’s a Canon 20D and the photos are from 2005 2006
You think alpha 2.1 would help?
I’ll upgrade if you think it would, but from the sound of it, the upgrade would help for newer .CR3 files.

As for backup, is sqlite3 db backup sufficient or do I need to backup the entire .photostructure folder (Windows 11)?

Thanks again.

Hmm, those should import just fine with v1.1. Can you email me ( an example .CR2 file that doesn’t have any private content, and isn’t importing, so I can take a look?

Sure can,
Just to be clear what you mean by private content, you want me to strip out the exif data? it has some personal information like Name / Serial number …
Or more about the photo content?
As long as it is not shared publicly, I have no problems sending it to you as is, I’d assume you’d want the exif data intact.


No, please email the original file if possible.

I’ll delete the file as soon as we debug the issue, so it’ll stay private. I just don’t want people sending anything with content that they’d consider sensitive.


Thank you.


Any update on this?

Sorry for the response delay!

I just tried importing the CR2 you sent me on Ubuntu with the v2.1 alpha build, and it imported fine. I’ll try on windows next.

I just bumped out your trial by a month–I hope to have v2.1 shipped by then.

Thank you very much, appreciated.
I look forward to 2.1