Processing messages not properly wrapped on iOS

Please forgive if this is a duplicate - pretty sure we discussed one time, but I noticed it still happened with the latest beta.9 - I searched and couldn’t find the old discussion, so thought I would toss it out.

Please delete/close if you already have this somewhere, sorry :slight_smile:

This is certainly not a “release 1.0 showstopper”…

Expected Behavior

Messages should wrap to fit the screen

Current Behavior

They run off the right of the screen on smaller devices

Steps to Reproduce

Rebuild your library or do something that gets the progress section at the top of the screen on a small screen device. I’m on an iPhone 11Pro


iOS 14.6

PhotoStructure edition: Docker image of PhotoStructure beta.9 on unRaid server

Thanks for reminding me! This duplicates Minor display glitch on iPhone