Progress bar stuck

I’ve set up PS in a docker container on my Synology NAS. At first it seemed to be going well processing my ~40k photos and videos, but after the first day I realized it was stuck and not processing any longer. It still showed the progress drop down, just never successfully processed any more. So I restarted the docker container and checked it and it seemed to continue processing again. An hour later I checked again and it seemed to have stop processing again. I’ve done this at least a dozen times now and it consistently stops after some period of time(normally seems like 100 or less photos and videos processed) and needs a restart to continue. No logs that show anything about what’s happening. Ideas?

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @jonslilbro !

Sorry about sync getting stuck! I know that that’s frustrating: I actually paused new feature development to research and fix this issue, and the next release should resolve this. More detail is here:

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Appreciate the fast response. That makes sense. Any idea timeline wise how far away that release to fix it might be? Just curious if it’ll be before or after my trial subscription runs out.


I’ve extended your trial for 30 days: v2.1 should be out by then (and if it isn’t, I will hang my head in shame and extend your trial again!)

Awesome, much appreciated!

Just checking back in on if version 2.1 is out yet? Not sure exactly where I would see if it’s out and didn’t look like the docker server image has been updated in 4 months so I’m assuming no, just wanted to check. Thanks.

Apologies: I’m still heads-down trying to stabilize the new build: I’m hoping to release an alpha soon. I also just extended your free trial.

Just checking back in again, only because I just received an email that my trial is ending soon so was curious if the alpha version is out yet to give a try. Thanks!

Last week I figured out how to add Alpine to my continuous integration suite, and have worked through some (500+!) tests that needed adjusting (and actually found a couple bugs, too).

I’m down to 3 broken library tests, and I can then release the alpha.

(I extended your trial through March)

Checking daily the Release Notes, any indication when we can get our hands on the next version? :slight_smile:

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I’m really sorry that the v2.1 release has been delayed! I hope to push out an initial alpha build in several days.

No need to be sorry! :slight_smile:

I just realized I was charged for my first month and haven’t been able to utilize my trial yet, any chance the update is out and I can use the month I’ve paid for to try this out?

Honest, the v2.1 alpha release will happen soon, but I extended your free trial just now, as I expect there will be several alpha and beta builds before v2.1 stable is released.