Progress panel is too wide on phone screens

I am testing PhotoStructure (alpha6) on my Pixel 3 smartphone. PhotoStructure is currently rebuilding the library. The eader with the “Rebuilding your library …” message is too wide: This does not look nice and requires the user to scroll to the right to see the button for switching the thumbnail size.

Second observation: For pictures does not seem the be a good amount for this screen size. It should probably be at least six (to fill the space) and I’d argue that a bit more would be good to see a larger sample.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll get it fixed in a future release.

The progress panel bug shoved over the thumbnail toggle button: if you click on “When”, you can pick what size thumbnail you want in the upper right corner, in the header:


Thanks, I saw that. My suggestion was to show a few more pictures at this (medium) thumbnail size. I’d prefer seeing a few more pictures to seeing two tag categories at the same time.

Ah, OK!

I was thinking about adding a “+” and “-” button in the headers to show more or less rows of thumbs… would that work?

Do you want to add that as a feature request? I’d vote for that…