Support choosing the number of displayed thumbnails

Extracted from Progress panel is too wide on phone screens.

PhotoStructure tries to choose a sensible amount of thumbnails to be shown at the same time, depending on the screen size. Users might prefer to see more or less thumbnails.

Suggestion by @mrm: “I was thinking about adding a “+” and “-” button in the headers to show more or less rows of thumbs… would that work?”

This will also help people with libraries that span tons of years, or have tons of keywords. Currently it’s a lot of scrolling to get through tags with tons of children.

I guess this should be stored as a user preference, like thumbnail size?

I was just thinking this same thing the other day!

Yes, I think that makes sense.

As I mentioned before, it would be awesome if we could store these user preferences in a config file instead of (or as an alternative to) a cookie.

Ah, I forgot about your always-wipe-all-the-cookies browser setup.

I think a server-side UI config will make sense as soon as I add the idea of a “logged-in user” to PhotoStructure.

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That would be ideal!

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