PS + Synology Photos: can I set the same destination?

Hey team,
I’m using PS to divest from iCloud and tidy up decades of photos. Is there any reason I couldn’t set Photostructure to monitor my input directories and have it output to Synology’s /photo home file so that it’s all able to be browsed by Synology Photos? Will I run into any conflicts with the two?

Hey @Red2StandingBy , happy new year!

I haven’t used the newest version of Synology Photos, because I haven’t upgraded to DSM 7 yet (I only have one intel-based Synology NAS for testing and support). The older version of Synology Photos stopped working for me after importing a couple thousand assets, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it.

Most applications get their knickers twisted when files are changed “out from under them” within their library structure.

To minimize this, I’d put my PhotoStructure library in a different directory from the /photo Synology Photos home directory, and then use the PS_ORIGINALS_DIR setting to have PhotoStructure auto-organize your originals into /photo.

Holler if this doesn’t make sense or you have any issues!

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Thank you! I think this is the right track, I just want to make sure I understand what I’m doing.
PS has done a great job of de-duping and organising the chaos of everything, and that tamed chaos is what I’m hoping to import into Synology Photos. If I set the PS_ORIGINALS_DIR to /photo, will that be sending the chaos or the tamed chaos? If the latter, how is that different than just having the PS library at /photo?

Edit: ohhhh wait! I just read; PS_ORIGINALS_DIR is just the originals and not the previews/thumbnails! I get it! This is exactly what I want.