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I’m not sure if it is a “bug” or a feature request or if it is the same as (Support for "saved search" or "smart" albums).

When I search of a person eg. who:peter it shows me all photos from peter over various folders. That’s great.
Now I click on of the “peter” photos it will open the photo in fullscreen, great. But now when I click left or right to scroll through the photos I rather like to view the next “peter” from the search result before and not the next photo within the folder of the clicked “peter” photo.


It’s the same as this, and in my opinion very much a bug. I got bitten by this just yesterday myself, I had to find a bunch of photos from a given person through time and PS was basically unusable for that purpose. I had to revert to another tool, which really made me sad :cry: In that other post, @mrm said he will fix it “soon”.

uups didn’t find the mentioned thread, so we can delete this then, thx

Agreed that this is a (bothersome!) bug: it’s on my radar and I will address it soon.

Closing as duplicate.

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