Summary report / History in GUI

I recently reached out for help getting started with my gigantic ball of hell that I’ve collected over many years trying to confirm the software grabbed everything in a giant mess of nested folders and such. It yielded a question about determining if the software was able to grab everything and copy to the organized folder.

I inquired about seeing final results of the scan and received this response. It’s seems like a simple thing to add to GUI and opens an opportunity to provide easy display/search without having to drop to shell.

Feature request:

From the GUI, provide a more detailed view of each session or some kind of reporting tool. Would be nice to see select-able by sync date and an overall summary of these items.

Examples of reports/idea:

  • What was copied into the newly organized folder
  • Summary of new items, locations extracted/placed
  • Which folders were NOT scanned
  • Perhaps colored text showing files that weren’t copied (red) and were copied (green).
  • Some kind of way to show Dedupe information. (yellow?)
  • A way within this tool to mark the software to no longer scan for new items. (If I choose to delete certain photos in the clean side, I don’t want to reimport it on next scan)

I’m sure this can be highly expanded upon, but having something within the web interface that is easily navigated/searched would be very helpful in making sure all the garbage I threw at the software was picked through.

If I need to further articulate anything, let me know. I’m trying to be clear and succinct, but may be failing miserably…

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Totally agreed. Does this cover what you are suggesting?