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Hi there
Iam quite new to photostructure and after a minor hiccup during installation everything works well.
Now after having more than 50k photos imported I struggle a bit with the UI. How is best way to select a dedicated tag or date ?
For sure I can use the search function, but if I do not know which keywords/tags available, how shall I search what I can search for.
Simply browsing is quite tiresome because in odd case you must go through all 50k photos until you reach a dedicated tag.
Iam thinking about a list of all tags without photos or a calender view to select a dedicated date.

Hmm, do I miss something or what is recomeded way to jump to a dedicted tag/date without going through search field?

thx for enlightenment

I had requested an enhancement to address a similar concern of browsing being cumbersome. The gist of the ask was a list of tags to click on (without any previews, or need to scroll a lot):

There is one additional option besides browsing and searching, if you know what you’re looking for but don’t want to browse you can always go directly to the URL like this:

A specific person (assuming you did hiearchical tags as I did):


or a specific month:

or for a specific keyword:


If you observe the URL as you browse, the pattern on how these URLs are formed should because pretty clear.

Not exactly a user friendly feature, but I’ve been using it at times…

thx for the hint.
Even if I could live with it, this is neither applicable for my wife nor my parents.
If there is no other solution I must searching again for other tool.
Pretty sad, because beside this lack of usability (which is no go) I was pretty happy with photostructure.
The strict privacy concept, high (well documented!!) configuration options and the ability to read ACDSEE metadata are unique selling points thought.

I’ve played with adding a +/- button group to tag galleries which would control how many rows of samples to show for each tag. Bouncing on the minus button sufficiently results in just an alphabetized list of child tags.

Would that UI suffice for your needs, @bbernhard ?

This sounds to be an improvement, but probably not final solution. Look, how others solve this. There are a couple of similar project out there using more or less very similar frontend. But they found a way for proper browsing through tags/date/kategories…
One more nasty thing pop up: If I browse through and open a picture. Then close it with >back> key of the mouse. This turns me back to the top of the database. So I need to browse again. Expected behaviour: Close the picture and continue from previous location.

best rgds

I will fix the issue with the back button not retaining scroll position on tag galleries. Agreed, after scrolling a ton, it’s rough. Until I ship the fix, a workaround is to ctrl-click on assets you want to view full screen (to open them in new tabs).

What about having a “tag browser” page that presents a tree view of all of the tags without any thumbnails? Each element could be expandable/contractable with +/- buttons, and clicking on the element itself could take you to that tags existing page with thumbnails.

Just a thought!

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