Using 75% of CPU

The default setting for CPU usage (which admittedly PS has a complex array of figuring out how hard to thrash your computer) says 75%. I’ve eyeballed a few settings I think I could make changes to but I’m not sure which will cause the desired effect.

Now, assuming I don’t have ANY other encumberments. How can I thrash my 5950x as hard as possible?

I’ve been super busy lately and this place has exploded in conversations, if this is already answered please just direct me to where I should go.

ALSO, where did the 2.0 b1 progress bar go? Is it hidden, disabled, or is it just broken on my install?

OS: Windows

Version 2.1 (unreleased, but an alpha build will be available Real Soon Now) should be able to keep 32 threads busy, thanks to the new work scheduler. I test on a 3900x (with only 12 cores/24 threads) on Linux, and the new build can keep my workstation busy.

Broken, and fixed in the next build. Apologies!

Thanks for the quick answers!

I’ll let it hum along