Video transcoding problem with Apple HEVC.MOV files

This is a great product and is EXACTLY what I was looking for. You have done a great job as a one person developer. Bugs happen, hopefully I can provide enough information to you to help fix it.

I have reviewed the solutions in this post and this post and applied it to my settings.toml file in my /ps/config/settings.toml as follows:

ffmpegTranscodeArgs = [

However, following a complete rebuild, the problem persists.

Expected Behavior

Videos encoded with HEVC transcode with the correct color space and saturation.

Current Behavior

Videos are transcoding to a weird color space. Oversaturated and blown out. Looks to be related to videos captured with Apple iPhone and have the HEVC.MOV extension. Can provide short source video on request.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Import a folder into photostructure library that contains IMG_XXXX_HEVC.MOV files
  2. Play video in web interface following completion of sync


Operating system and version: unRAID 6.9.2

PhotoStructure edition: unRAID CA version 1.1.0. / Plus

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @tomfowler ! Sorry for the hassle, and good detective work!

Please do: you can email it to if that’s more convenient.

I suspect that you’ve got the config correct, but that PhotoStructure v1.1 is refusing to re-transcode the video properly–it only re-transcodes if the preview video is missing…

I’ve made “rebuild” and “resync this asset” always do a re-transcode in the next release (specifically due to this issue). It takes longer, but the result is more thorough.

I have provided the files in email. However, when I played them on the Chromebook (the one I removed from the photostructure library) they look fine. Sounds like that video preview file needs to be recreated.

How do I selectively remove the preview associated with this file and get the software to recreate it?